Pollen: A Science Fiction Story in 3 Parts.
Real Men Don't Kill Coyotes.
Pollen (Part 1)
Evolve-R Guy
Dee Snider for Planet Rock Magazine.
Apple Jack Frost
Illustration about the year 2020 (so far...)
Bob Dylan for Mojo Magazine
Woman with Skull.
Portrait of Conor McGregor
Portrait of UFC Champion Conor McGregor.
Woman with Snake
Portrait of Rob Halford
Christmas portrait of Rob HalfordĀ of Judas PriestĀ for the new issue of Planet Rock Magazine. Mr. Halford lists his favourite Christmas songs (and has a new Christmas album as well!)
In the Garden of Good and Evil.
Keeper of the Grail
George Harrison for MOJO Magazine.
Portrait of George Harrison for Mojo Magazine's new special - THE BEATLES: THE RED ISSUE.
Mystery Garden
Sketchbook Sketch made into a print for sale.
The Misfortune Teller
Illustrations for Cleveland Magazine
Nikki Sixx
Portrait of Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue for Planet Rock Magazine.
Gorgon with Bic
Ginger Wildheart
Portrait of Ginger Wildheart for Planet Rock Magazine.
Chris Cornell.
Portrait of the late Singer/Songwriter Chris Cornell.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.
Portrait of Fake News writer Paul Horner for Phoenix Magazine.
Domo Poster Project.
7 posters for the '7 Deadly Data Sins' created for Domo for their event the week of November 7th 2016.
Personal Illustration.
Arrow in the Neck.
Illustration for the North American Review. It is a powerful story about the death of a son and how a hunting trip helps the father cope.
Revenge 13.
Pen and Ink and Digital.
Titus Andronicus.
This is a series of Illustrations and designs for an ongoing and yet published adaptation of William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
Jasmine Daze of the Condor
Illustration for the May 2015 issue of Playboy Magazine
Portrait of Reverend Steven Anderson
Portrait of Reverend Steven Anderson for the June 2015 edition of Phoenix Magazine. 2016 Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Illustration.
12.5" X 17.5" Mixed media on paper
Personal Project.
16" X 20" Ink on Paper 2015 Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Illustration.
Neil Gaiman
A Portrait of author Neil Gaiman for Time Out New York Magazine.
Nick Cave
Portrait of Singer/Songwriter Nick Cave.
From my 2013 Self Promotional Booklet. Ink & Digital.
Self Promotion India Ink on Illustration Board 15 x 20 Digital
Self Promotional Piece
Walter White
Portrait of 'Walter White' from the television show 'Breaking Bad'
Although just a boy...
...he wore his heart like a badge of honour.
Porn Happy
Ink & Digital
Promotional Booklet Cover 2013
The Mad Queen
22" x 30" India Ink & Acrylic Ink on Paper. (Private Collection)
Thirty-two Years of Peace
2013 Promotional Illustration. Ink and Digital.
The Emperor of Ice Cream
Illustration for the poem by Wallace Stevens Ink & Digital Appeared in the Graphic Canon Vol.3.
Promo for an ongoing project.
Red Riding hood
Ink & Digital
11 3/4" x 15 3/4" India Ink & Acrylic Ink on Paper. (Private Collection).
Usurper The V
19" X 22" India Ink on Paper. Private Collection.
Long Black Hair
Ink & Digital